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Tastings organizing

Tastings improve demand and increase
sales volume of advertised product

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Key benefits of tastings

Stimulation of new sales
for food products

Product promotion
of new brands

Switching attention
from competitors' products

According to data of

people who tried
product during the
promotions -
can buy it right away!

They will remember about the promotion
n their next
visit and buy
already familiar product!

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According to psychographic studies, about 80% of consumers belong to the "conservative" group. They usually don’t buy a product, the properties or taste of which they are not familiar with.

Transparent pricing of stocks

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Number of people


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Tasting organizing is an effective way to attract customers!

Rapid trade development of is intensifying competition. In order to increase income, an entrepreneur needs to use the most effective tools for attracting customers. Tasting in a store is the best solution!

This type marketing campaign allows you to solve several important tasks:

What is needed to organize a tasting ?

The advertising campaign is supported by several factors:

The products are divided (cut, poured) into minimal portions. Then they are offered to all people passing by a store. In addition to personnel and goods for a promotional presentation, you also need a table, disposable glasses, plates and other dishes.

Organization of tastings in the "WE" agency is profitable and effective!

Advertising campaigns organizing is one of the core activities of our company. That is why cooperation with the “WE” agency will bring you these important advantages:

Before starting work, agency employees get familiar with the information about a product, study all detailed characteristics. Each promoter has a health record and does regular medical examinations, since this activity is directly related to food.

“WE” Agency will be happy to provide you our staff and help to organize a tasting in the store. You just need to decide on the time, place and volume of goods. A professional tasting organized by true professionals is the key to success of any advertising campaign!