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Flyers distribution

You will get the maximum from flyers distribution
if you set a proper call to action message and get a skilled promoter

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Key benefits of flyers distribution


Reaching a large
number of consumers

Speed and agility

Main places for flyers distribution

Metro stations

Busy highways
(in traffic jams and next to the shopping malls)

Shopping malls

City parks

Wholesale Markets


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Flyers distribution

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Flyers distribution. It is fast, inexpensive and efficient way for your business!

Handing out flyers is a proven way to advertise your product, firm, or specific service. A colorful flyer and a promoter's experience are the key to a successful marketing campaign. Advertising campaigns are based not only on bright and beautiful products. To achieve the set goals, it is also important how do you present handouts materials to a wide range of potential customers.

Handing out leaflets is the task for promoters, whose actions directly affect successful completion of an advertising campaign. It is important to involve trained and experienced specialists in this business, which are the employees of the "WE" agency. The staff fully possesses all the qualities that are so necessary for successful marketing activities.

Flyers distribution is not only the transfer of information about a product or service, but also the interaction between a consumer and a promoter, which contributes to further increase in sales!

Why choose a promoter from the “WE” agency?

The promoters of the "WE" agency are always focused on the result, and they make maximum effort to achieve it. The agency stands out among its competitors due to the following advantages:

For successful development of both a beginner and an established business, professional marketing is needed. Distributing flyers is a great way to make a name for yourself and create a positive image in the eyes of your customers. Contact BTL Agency "WE" in order to achieve your goal with the help of our experienced promoters!