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Promo helpers is a quick help for your business!

Today, for most companies, organizing various promotions are an effective and budget friendly marketing tool. To organize this kind of event, you need to bring professional help. Usually helpers are involved in the presentation preparation process.

Promo helpers are employees who perform all assignments of a specialist during preparation for any advertising campaign, tasting, exhibition, conference and any other event.

Usually such people are hired to perform routine and daily work for which full-time employees simply do not have time. Duties of each helper also include execution of small tasks that do not require specific knowledge or qualifications.

Assistants from BTL-agency "WE"

The "WE" agency offers its clients to use this type of service and hire experienced helpers who will perform related duties fast, efficient and ss competent. For example, they can help to organize gift or sample products into packages that will be distributed to a conference participant at the end of the event.

Helpers can also sort invitations to social, marketing or private events. They can answer calls, solve simple organizational issues, keep records and follow orders from their supervisors.

By contacting the “WE” agency, each client can hire a team of active and responsible specialists who will help to cope with all the work and preparation for any important event.

The main advantages of cooperation with the agency:

Usually our service is used by firms that are at the initial stage of development. Due to the lack of experience and full-fledged staff, they often do not have enough helpers, especially before a really important and decisive event.

Thanks to our experience and numerous successful works, the “WE” agency helpers have earned an excellent reputation. If there is no time to resolve all organizational issues, it is recommended to hire several people in order to improve the work process, help your own employees and get confidence in a successful outcome of your planned event!