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Leaflets under windshield wipers

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In the process of attracting customers, businesses have to constantly conduct promotions in order to survive in the competition fight. There are plenty of ways to achieve your goals! For example, flyers under windshield wipers are an effective way to attract the attention of potential customers. This approach allows you to present yourself to a protentional customer directly.

Relevance of use

The choice of a marketing strategy depends on the specifics of a product itself. Car wiper leaflets should be distributed in the following situations:

Benefits of this service

Distributing leaflets under cars’ windshield wipers is a popular way to conduct an advertising campaign, which has a number of important advantages:

Why is it profitable to use staff from the “WE” agency for this type of promo activity ?

At a time when staff puts leaflets under the wipers, customer already receives many benefits:

The BTL Agency "WE" employs real professionals who will help you to develop your business, make interesting advertising and as a result attract new customers. Call us, come to our office or fill out the electronic form on the website in order to get such a service. We will provide you experienced employees who will do everything at the maximum level! Be sure that a result of such an advertising campaign will pay off immediately!