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A promo model is an important element at an exhibition for advertising a product!

Promo models create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere at an event and attract new customers. The main criteria are good looking appearance and literacy. Promo models for exhibitions are not only a guaranteed beauty of a presentation, but also reliable assistants who know products well and are aware about competent presentation of product information to customers.

As you know, the first impression is the most important, because it is so difficult to change it. In order to favorably distinguish a specific product from the general mass, promo models are required to create a pleasant atmosphere and ensure the success of an advertising campaign. Such staff differs from fashion models in demeanor. Modelsare active promoters who can enter into dialogues with exhibition guests, talk about advantages and benefits of a product.

Why do you need promo models?

The main advantages for conducting exhibition using help of professional promo models are:

The “WE” agency has an wide range of employees who differ in various parameters and types. Each client can choose promo models from a large number of candidates for organizing an exhibition. All promoters are active, charismatic and graceful. They will be a great addition for any event!

The employees of “WE” agency have all necessary qualities and capabilities. For every promoter exhibition is a familiar situation and he/she knows:

You can be absolutely confident in your choice, since you choose to the right promo agency to help your business. Our models know how to present products in the best way in order to attract full attention of potential customers.

Thanks to a positive attitude, professionalism, experience and attractive appearance of our promoters, the volume of sales and the flow of new customers will surely increase even after one presentation, and it will be remembered for a long time by its participants!